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The CCN® Network provides:

Convenient Access — With 490,000 provider locations in 50 states and the District of Columbia, you are sure to provide client access to affordable health care.
Quality Care at Affordable Prices — We deliver substantial savings through negotiated provider contract rates.
Rigorous Credentialing and Ongoing Monitoring — Includes primary source verification of key quality indicators for providers.
Provider locator tools — Your clients and their members will enjoy convenient options for finding nearby network providers through an online provider search engine and a toll-free phone number.
PPO Repricing — We offer flexible repricing options, including client remote options.

CCN provides select TPAs with CCN claims repricing data based on their meeting minimum enrollment requirements as well as completion of a training and certification process. CCN can provide claims repricing data to TPAs who meet these minimum requirements and complete the training and certification.

For more information, visit the CCN website at

The CCN brand and services are owned and operated by First Health Group Corp.